Sunday, January 10, 2010

More on the Phony Boston Globe Poll

Martha Coakley up by 15 points (says the Boston Globe)? Doesn't seem right to this Massachusetts resident. Also, the Boston Herald is supposedly going to release a poll showing Coakley only 1 point ahead. Here's more on the polls from Legal Insurrection blog [excerpt]:

Globe Poll An Outlier

Obama wins New Hampshire primary in a landslide!

That was the prediction of the University of New Hampshire 
Survey Center and most other pollsters prior to the primary. In fact, Hillary Clinton won the primary, causing much hand wringing. This shows us that we need to be cautious with polling data. It is just part of the picture.

The UNH 
poll released this morning by The Boston Globe, showing a safe 15% lead by Coakley among likely voters, does not ring true to me. UNH started polling on January 2 and finished January 6. Rasmussen, which polled during that same time period, showed Coakley up by 9% among likely voters but only 2% among definite voters. PPP polled more recently and showed Brown up by 1%. The Boston Herald is to release a poll which reportedly will show Coakley with a 1% lead among likely voters.

The UNH-Globe poll is an outlier, by far. The three other polls show this as a single digit race among likely voters, with Brown's voters far more highly motivated. [Added] Even the UNH-Globe polls shows that among the voters who are listed as "extremely interested in election" it is an even race, at 47% each.