Sunday, January 16, 2005

Former Acton School Committee Member's "Queer Politics" Blog & Bisexual Coming-Out Party

Now we see a former school committee member in Acton aggressively promoting "queer politics" (his words) in the community. Not unexpected, since our state now condones same-sex "marriage"! Who could be so unenlightened as to object? The Supremes have spoken! Watch for more & more open radical homosexual activism across the state.

See Jesse Liberty's "Queer Politics" blog.

Liberty is also the proud founder of ActonEquality. They are sponsoring a meeting on Jan. 29 in Littleton to mobilize the NW ex-urbs of Boston to oppose any constitutional amendment banning same-sex "marriage". His "opposition" list includes Article 8 Alliance, the Mass. Family Institute, and MassNews.

Liberty's queer advocacy has been going on for some time in Acton. He led the charge against the Boy Scouts distributing notices in the elementary schools there a few years ago, as reported in Massachusetts News back in 2001. ...Wow, he's everywhere, including reviewing queer books for

Not to get too personal (though we're sure that since Liberty is an
"out bisexual", he won't mind), but we thought you might like to read more about this happily married man who lives with his wife and two children in Acton.

His bisexual coming out story recently appeared on the Human Rights Campaign website. He emphasizes that he has lived his whole marriage as a monogamous heterosexual. But we wonder -- isn't such a prideful statement implied DISCRIMINATION against non-monogamous bisexuals???

Maybe Liberty will soon make amends, and advocate for those who wish to marry BOTH a male and a female (at the same time). After all, there is no rational reason to limit marriage to only two people! And please be sure not to exclude transsexuals/ transgendered in these group marriages -- a sure way to keep the marriage interesting!