Thursday, January 20, 2005

Women Raping Women

The Springfield Republican reports that two women have been charged with the rape and assault of another woman, in a "sexual encounter that a prosecutor said started out consensual and turned into a rape involving handcuffs and knives."

The details of this sordid encounter remind us that one of the dangers of the lesbian "lifestyle" is a higher incidence of domestic violence than in heterosexual relationships. It also brings to mind just how dangerous the kinky, pansexual world can become, and how quickly people can slide down that slippery slope into dangerous perversions, including the sort of sadism described in the article.

Maybe they had just gone to see the highly touted new movie romanticizing the Marquis de Sade. Or the lie-filled movie on the pervert Kinsey who is largely responsible for leading our society in this sorry direction. (Both movies received high praise in the Boston Globe and major media, of course.)

But if two (or three people) love each other, what business is it of mine what they do in the privacy of their own bedroom?