Thursday, January 27, 2005

Freak Shows Coming Soon to a Restroom Near You!

And now in California's Bay area, public restrooms must play host to transsexual-transgendered freak shows. (Read the story in WorldNetDaily.) Imagine your little girl in the ladies' room as she observes a man/woman using the facilities. Bad enough little boys have to worry about homosexual pedophiles in men's restrooms. But now, even the ladies' rooms are unsafe!

Needless to say, Massachusetts' GLBT radicals won't let California hold the lead on such government-sanctioned depravity for long. Soon, the male and female logos will be removed from restroom doors. (This is already happening on politically-correct campuses across America.) You won't just run into the gender-identity-confused in hotel elevators anymore. You'll get to wash up next to them. "Men" will be wearing dresses to work, showing off their new breasts. And "women" will be showing off their newly flat chests. And you won't be able to object, or you'll be taken to court for hate speech, discriminatory treatment in the workplace, etc.

Same-sex "marriage" was only the beginning. The next frontier is transexual-transgender-gender identity liberation. And if you don't like it, you're a "hater".

Comment by JB (1/27/04):
I love the thing about the restrooms. My husband and I were at the Cheesecake Factory in the Cambridge Galleria Mall. I was getting cheesecake take out and he decided to use the restroom. Someone was in the small stall so he went into the handicapped. Well, first he sees the guy's hands from the other stall on top of the wall as if he was pulling himself up. He thought it was odd but didn't say anything. Next thing the guy shoves his backpack under the wall into the stall where my husband is, and then (how gross is the floor in a public restroom!) the guy gets on the floor and tries to slide under the wall into the stall where my husband is! My husband started swearing at him and tried to stomp on the guy's head..but with your pants down (literally!) what can you really do in that situation? Freaking perv just excused himself and went out of the bathroom as if nothing crazy had just occurred! My husband refused to make a scene in the place as I was all fired up to do.
I was horrified to say the least. And that is in a 'normal' men's room in a family restaurant in a shopping mall! Imagine what will be happening out in California now?