Saturday, January 29, 2005

PBS Brainwashing Our Children: Abnormal is Normal

Here we go again in the Boston Globe. ("Sweet 'Buster' is far from radical...Episode under attack is absolutely ordinary") They're promoting the PBS children's show where Buster the Bunny visits families across the country, with an upcoming episode featuring families with two mommies in Vermont. And calling all of us who object intolerant, petty, full of hot air, and certainly not qualified "to shape our children's understanding"!

It's amazing how skillfully the homosexual activists twist our language! Words have lost their meanings and just become propaganda tools, playing on people's innocence, emotions, or kneejerk desires to be "with it". Radical is not radical. Abnormal is normal. The unusual is just "everyday" stuff. They well know how powerful AND RADICAL such visual images are to little children--who know in their guts that having two mommies or two daddies is WEIRD! Says the Globe: "[T]he most incendiary thing about the half-hour ... may be its nonchalance." EXACTLY! What it's conveying to the little children is that there's absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about two mommies.

The homosexual radicals also know that their propaganda with the older, hostage children in the high schools over the past decade has worked amazingly well. (Where do you think all the support in the polls for "gay marriage" comes from?) Now they want to get the kids de-sensitized at an even earlier age. How better than to serve up this pastoral postcard:

"The ... episode, which will air March 23 on Channel 2, gives us two lesbian couples, their cheerful children, a community that appears to embrace them, and a general atmosphere of profound ordinariness. Against the pastoral glories of Vermont, with maple trees dripping and cows in need of milking, the lesbian families are almost Waltonesque in their rural charm. For those who'd rather pathologize and exclude same-sex couples and their children, that normalcy must spark a lot of anguish. To them, showing and telling about lesbian families is the same as promoting.

"But 'Postcards From Buster' is a series that's specifically about cultural diversity, as an 8-year-old cartoon rabbit travels the continent with his pilot father. He meets everyday people and keeps a video diary about them and their lifestyles. The mood is nonjudgmental and innocent. In the offending episode, our sweet, big-eared hero is on an educational journey to a state known for, among many other things, syrup and civil unions. It makes perfect sense that he'd hang out with the children of one lesbian couple and then meet another. 'Boy, that's a lot of moms,' Buster exclaims, looking at his new pal Emma's family picture."

To top it all off, the article concludes implying equivalence between families of traditional faiths, and those of pagans engaged in anything-goes sexuality.