Sunday, October 22, 2006

BAGLY & Our Children: Dangerous Liaisons

Photos: Halloween partygoers at Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project (from their web site).

BAGLY, the "Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth," is a member of the new Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, and a favorite resource for gay/straight alliance high school clubs.

BAGLY's resource page has changed recently. If anything, the danger BAGLY poses for our children is now even clearer. There are links to groups focusing on GLBT "domestic violence," including the Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project, where kids can learn about their Halloween Party (photos above). Then there are the links to the "gay" newspapers, where kids can surf on sex orgies around the world (called "circuit parties"). Now would this information "prevent suicide" or contribute to suicide in troubled youth?

After we drew attention to BAGLY's link to to the web site (with sex change information and links to perverted personal web pages), BAGLY took it down. (Apparently the weirdness of that site was just too obvious.) Now BAGLY refers "youth" to all the sites below. What do links on abuse, violence, disease, suicide tell you about the GLBT "lifestyle" they are leading our children into? Why does our state government support this BAGLY, and recommend it to teens around the state?

[BAGLY's Resource Page:]

Local LGBT News & Community Guides
Bay Windows

Legal & Support Resources
Know Your Rights as a Youth: LAMDA Legal provides an online resource. You'll learn how to form a Gay Straight Alliance at your school. What to do if you are harassed. And more!
GLSEN: Making Schools Safer
GLAD: (617.426.1350) This law firm offers legal guidance for LGBT related issues.

Crisis Support & Hotlines
Rape Crisis Services (1-800-542-5212)
LGBT HelpLine (1-888-340-4528): Get referrals to the services you need. Healthcare, Housing, Violence Recovery, HIV/AIDS, etc.
Peer Listening Line (1-800-399-PEER): Need someone to talk to?
Network LA RED: Domestic violence resources for lesbian and bisexual women and transgendered people.
Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project

Health Care
Sidney Borum Jr. Health Center offers free and anonymous HIV testing, Hep C and other STD screenings, mental health counseling. Trans friendly. Free services available for people without healthcare. 617.457.8140
Fenway Community Health Center offers health care for the LGBT community.