Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Deval Patrick Supports Most Extreme GLBT Demands

Above: organizer and BAGLY manager Mark Snyder with Deval Patrick and friend.

Right: Riot last Oct. 30 organized by Snyder of QueerToday in attempt to shut down the LoveWonOut ex-gay conference at Tremont Temple Baptist Church in Boston.

Nothing is too far out for Dem gov candidate Deval Patrick. Here he is smiling with one of the most extreme members of the GLBT street gang, QueerToday. We've noted Patrick's appearance at the Harvard GLBT forum where he promised to do WHATEVER a "transgender" radical might ask of him. And he attended a big fundraiser for the Mass. Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus in July, just a few weeks after its chief lobbyist was arrested for soliciting UMass college boys for oral sex.

Doesn't it bother most voters that Patrick supports those wanting to destroy the natural family and marriage, shut down churches, and indoctrinate children from an early age without their parents' consent?