Monday, October 02, 2006

Romney Obeys Some Laws, Makes Up Others, Buys Goodwill

A group from MassResistance greeted would-be Romney supporters at the NH Republican State Convention on Saturday (Sept. 30). We warned them that Romney is not the pro-family champion he claims to be in his tours around the country. The response to our handouts ran the gamut from steely straight-ahead glances (from those receiving $ from Romney's Commonwealth PAC for their campaigns? and college students rumored -- we were told by a delegate -- to be paid by Romney to come cheer him?) -- to nods and smiles from those who already knew they couldn't trust him.

As we pointed out in
our posting on the RI "lesbian marriage" ruling, Romney is still confused about the LAW. Why insist on enforcing it in some cases (re: the REAL 1913 LAW barring out-of-staters marrying in Mass. if that marriage is not allowed in their home state), but make it up in others (where's the statute authorizing in-state homosexual marriages?)

"I have to follow the law. This is a nation of laws, even if I don't like them," Romney said in NH on Saturday. We gather he believes he can also MAKE the laws sometimes. So is the law he made up -- allowing homosexual marriage -- one he likes, or not? We're not just dealing with judicial tyranny in Massachusetts. We also have executive branch tyranny. And a royal state of confusion, encouraged by the mainstream media.

So there are lots of confused Republicans, partly due to Romney's dishonesty, partly due to media coverups, and partly due to the money that's being spread around.

The Boston Globe reported yesterday that
Romney's Commonwealth PAC gave $100,000 to NH Republicans last year, and gave the Republican State Committee another $60,000 over the summer. So there's quite a bit of goodwill built up. No wonder many NH Republicans didn't want to take our handouts. He's also doling out money to key primary states in his role as chairman of the Republican Governors Association (to Florida, Michigan, Iowa), according to the Globe (10-1-06).

Back to the question which raged in 2004: Why does Romney think anyone has to follow the latest crazy ruling by a judge, anyhow? Why doesn't he order Massachusetts officials to deny the marriage licenses or ceremonies to the out-of-staters? Then he'd be upholding the law.