Friday, October 20, 2006

Good News: Boston Globe In a Nosedive

The Wall Street Journal story on the Boston Globe's nosedive made us happy. ("Boston Globe Doesn't Deliver For the Times," 10-19-06.) The Globe will experience "its first unprofitable year in recent history." Circulation has fallen in recent years, due primarily to "digital migration" given that "Boston has the third highest penetration of broadband of any city in the United States." Advertising revenue has dropped dramatically. Since the the New York Times acquired the Globe in 1993, the Sunday Globe's circulation has dropped 25%, from 800,000 to 611,000.

We're sure that's all true. But we also happen to know what people are saying on the ground. Of course everyone's turning to the Internet for news. But one reason for that is that they're SICK of the managed news (a.k.a. propaganda) that the Globe provides.

You can't even open up the Globe's Sunday Magazine any more without gagging on some whiny male "wife" going on about his "husband's" driving. Or the real estate section featuring huge photos of a butchy tattooed lesbian putting up dry wall in her and her "wife's" new home. People can only take so much of this.