Sunday, February 25, 2007

Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth Has Added Perversions

The surreptitiously created Massachusetts "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" has now gone even further out of bounds legally, by adding the terms "Bisexual and Transgender" to its name. At the first official public meeting of the group in February, they handed out literature calling themselves the "Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth."

The "law" creating the Commission did not include mention of "bisexual and transgender" youth. We predicted long ago that the free-range activists would soon add these terms, as they had done last year with their fundraising organization supporting the Commission. (Quite a few members of the Commission identify as "bisexual and transgender.")

Nowhere in Massachusetts statutes are those words "bisexual and transgender" ever mentioned. What do they mean anyhow? Not even the activists in the GLBT community are in agreement on their definition. But now we have an official Commission of the Commonwealth addressing these mythical youth. A Commission which "shall be an independent agency of the commonwealth and shall not be subject to the control of any other department or agency."

See the statute creating the Commission: Chapter 3: Section 67. Commission on gay and lesbian youth; membership; terms; powers and duties.