Friday, February 23, 2007

"Peeing in Peace" at the Mass. State House

The entire homosexual lobby is gearing up to pass the "transgender rights" and "hate crimes" bill this session. According to Bay Windows,

"Several of the supporting organizations have worked directly with MTPC and the lead sponsors of the bill, Reps. Carl Sciortino (D-Somerville) and Byron Rushing (D-Boston), to help advance the bill. Ryan [Mass. Transgender Political Coalition/MTPC] said GLAD [Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, the group behind the homosexual marriage case] and MLGBA [Mass. Lesbian and Gay Bar Assoc.] drafted the language of the bill, which bans discrimination based on gender identity and expression in employment, education, housing, and credit, and adds hate crimes protections based on gender identity and expression.... MassEquality and the Caucus helped plan logistics for the campaign, including working with MTPC to set up the town hall meetings and reach out to the community, and Ryan said the Caucus will be working with MTPC in the state house to try and pass the bill.

One of the "resources" listed on the MTPC web site is a publication entitled "Peeing in Peace." That means bathrooms are about to be debated in the Massachusetts State House (if they dare to hold a hearing on the "Transgender Rights" bill).

The question of toilets is really big. MTPC is holding a seminar called "Toilet Training". Here's the trans "logic":

A man who dresses as a woman has every right to use the ladies' room. And that's because if he "identifies" as a woman, he is a woman. Therefore, it's not a man using the ladies' room. It's a woman, even if there's a male organ. So no one has any grounds for complaint. And if you do complain once this bill passes, you'll be guilty of a hate crime.

Ditto a female "identifying" as a male. If she wants to use the men's room, that's fine, because she is a man... according to her/"him". That's all that matters: how that individual "identifies" or "expresses" him/herself.

(But if the unenlighted still complain, and the hate crimes law is not yet in place, at a minimum there will be demands for single-person bathrooms.)

From the MTPC web site:

Does this mean that women will have to share bathrooms with men, and vice versa?
This ordinance will prevent employers and proprietors of public accommodations from requiring people to use bathrooms that do not correspond to their gender identity. It will not mean that women will have to share bathrooms with men. All people must have access to safe and dignified bathroom facilities, regardless of their gender identity or expression.

The Boston City ordinances currently permit restrooms and other such facilities to be separated by sex. Nothing in this proposed ordinance will change that. What the ordinance will do is prevent the obvious disruptions and problems that arise when people are required to use bathrooms inappropriate to their gender identity, (for example, when transgender women are forced to share bathrooms with men, or transgender men are forced to share bathrooms with women). This ordinance simply will allow individuals to use bathroom facilities based on the gender identity that they "publicly and exclusively assert or express." By adding this language, this ordinance will help resolve awkward bathroom situations, not create them.

Allowing individuals to use the restroom that corresponds with the gender identity that they "publicly and exclusively assert or express" makes sense. There is simply no legitimate way to do "anatomy checks" or "chromosomal checks" before determining who can use what restroom.

Nothing in this proposed ordinance would alter an individual's reasonable privacy and safety expectations in restrooms. Legitimate safety concerns, of course, need to be addressed regardless of who poses them. Proprietors of public accommodations have an obligation to make restroom facilities safe for all people. However, we cannot let legitimate safety concerns become a proxy for bias and prejudice.