Saturday, February 24, 2007

Questions on Judge Wolf's Ruling on David Parker Case

Federal Judge Mark Wolf just ruled that Lexington father David Parker has to give his little children over to the state for indoctrination in sexual perversion. Here are some questions that immediately come to mind for Judge Wolf:

1. He points to Massachusetts laws banning discrimination on the basis of "sexual orientation." But how would he define that term, which is not defined anywhere in those laws? Judge Wolf likes to philosophize about the legitimate purpose of a school in preparing children to be good citizens. But nowhere does he help us good citizens understand what "sexual orientation" means. A careful jurist would help fill in the gaps in the law, right? Though once judges start defining "sexual orientation" all sorts of crazy, perverted behaviors could be normalized.

Judge Wolf: What about people who practice bondage & discipline/sadomasochism? Isn't that a "sexual orientation" that must be respected? How about cross-dressing? Can a school administrator, school board, or parent object to a teacher who openly participates in these "sexual orientations" and discusses them in school? Should third-graders be told about transsexual parents, awaiting organ removal surgery, as they recently were in a Newton public school? Don't our little developing citizens need to know about these things too? What if a school says: "Some parents are transsexual. We cannot discriminate against them. We need to read story books about them to the youngest children, so they'll grow up respecting diversity."

2. We thought the books the Lexington parents objected to were "just about different kinds of families." That's what the defendants said. Now the judge is telling us "sexual orientation" is involved. So this is about human sexuality? And the Parental Notification statute (Mass. law) applies after all?

3. When Judge Wolf points to the Massachusetts Health Curriculum Framework, he omits the crucial fact that it is one subject framework NOT required by Massachusetts law, including its recommendations for instruction on homosexuality and different types of families. The health framework is only recommended by the Dept. of Education. (That's why GLBT advocate Rep. Alice Wolf is again trying to pass her bill turning this framework into a requirement!)

4. Judge Wolf cites MGL ch. 69, sec. 1D, which does not mention "sexual orientation" -- that undefined phrase -- but says that public schools should "inculcate respect for the cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity of the commonwealth ... [and] avoid perpetuating gender, cultural, ethnic, or racial stereotypes." Nothing about "sexual orientation." Is he saying that alternative families are part of our cultural diversity? Or that gender stereotypes are perpetuated if children grow up thinking children have a mom and a dad?

5. Judge Wolf is not familiar enough with Massachusetts statutes to know that homosexual "marriage" is still not legal. The laws were never changed after the Goodridge ruling, and only the Legislature can "legalize" homosexual "marriage". That's why Rep. Byron Rushing has re-filed his bill to do so. The homosexual lobby knows this. And we suspect Judge Wolf and his friends at the ACLU do too.