Monday, February 05, 2007

Romney Gets Personal

Some of us involved in politics -- especially we grassroots activist types -- deal with ISSUES and FACTS. The Romney campaign believes in PERSONAL attacks:

"A Republican candidate, former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, most recently moved to regain control of his image as a social conservative after being confronted with video clips from 1994 that showed him defending abortion rights and gay rights. As that video moved through the YouTube universe, Romney responded quickly, saying he had been wrong on some issues in 1994, a statement that was swiftly captured on YouTube as well.

" 'In previous campaigns you'd think or hope that the threat would just go away, but now it's imperative that you attack back quickly and personally, and with advanced technology,' said Kevin Madden, an adviser to Romney."

--"Downloading a new era in presidential politics," International Herald Tribune, 1-31-07.