Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Web Site: Republicans for Family Values

From Peter LaBarbera's new web site, Republicans for Family Values:

John Haskins Discusses Gov. Mitt Romney’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Order to Award ‘Gay Marriage’ Licenses in Mass.

Listen HERE to John Haskins of the Parents Rights Coalition in Massachusetts explain how then-Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney made the unnecessary and, according to Haskins, illegal decision to pass out “same-sex marriage” licenses. Haskins says Romney’s “gay marriage” act violated the state constitution and, perhaps most shockingly, fulfilled a 2002 campaign promise he made to Massachusetts Log Cabin Republican activists not to lead the charge against homosexual “marriage” — as the New York Times reports HERE. (The New York Times story is a devastating revelation of Romney’s late conversion to crusader against “same-sex marriage”/”civil unions.”)

To listen to Chicago talk show host and FOX News contributor Sandy Rios’ interview with Haskins, click HERE. Parents Rights Coalition is affiliated with MassResistance.