Friday, November 02, 2007

Acton-Boxborough Regional H.S. Directs Kids to Sacrilegious Filth

If anyone still doubts the anti-Christian character and pure evil of the radical homosexual movement, they need to read the posting, "Queering Christ" [reprinted below] from the filth blog, QueerToday. This blog and its activists are currently in touch with Acton-Boxborough High School students because of "The Laramie Project" production there this week.

Want proof? The web site, where the students are sent by the play, has a teen-friendly site called "Matthew's Place," where a "resources" page for Massachusetts goes right to BAGLY (the "Boston Alliance of Gay Lesbian Bisexual & Transgender Youth). BAGLY's former office manager ("Mark" below) is the founder and editor of QueerToday. One of its blogger/commenters ("Trevor" below) is BAGLY's current office manager. BAGLY is in direct partnership with the Mass. Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, and the homosexual clubs in our schools (GSAs), including Acton-Boxborough's, and puts on the queer/transgender high school prom at Boston City Hall each year. The director of BAGLY is a "male-to-female transsexual" who lectures children all over the state on the mysteries of "gender identity" and "sex changes." Bear in mind that people working in these "GLBT teen centers" do not undergo criminal record checks, but are all dealing with young teens (with the support of your local schools).

Back to the filth from QueerToday: We posted an excerpt and link to this vile sacrilege a little while back ("The Laramie Project and Hating Jesus", 10-1-07). Maybe it was missed?

Queering Christ [from QueerToday, 10-1-07]

Currently I am enrolled at a pretty Christian School, Andover Newton Theological School, in order to move forward with my ordination as a Unitarian Universalist minister. While I do not consider myself Christian I was raised both as a Christian and as a Unitarian Universalist. I have thus come to appreciate many of the stories within Christianity and have also been deeply hurt by the right wing choosing to use the revolutionary, anarchist, pro-liberation, Jesus against me and others I care about. Currently I am reading a VERY queer book for one of my classes. The book is Queering Christ by Robert E. Goss. So far the book is INCREDIBLE. My intention is to post some of my favorite highlights on queertoday in order for others to enjoy a very different experience of Jesus, one that does not make him the evil hater that so many choose to use him as. Do be aware that some folks may be offended by the sexual content of the passages I share over the next couple of weeks. I am not claiming that Christianity is easily made pro-queer, but so many folks are trying, struggling at times, and I appreciate their efforts. I hope we can all enjoy this queer perspective from a Jesuit priest, regardless of whether or not we are Christian...

"My technique of meditative prayer was to envision Christ with me and experience him as a lover. Scott Haleman, Betty Dodson, and Joe Kramer argue that masturbation can be spiritual and can become a form of transcendental meditation. Masturbation can harness fantasies and sexual energy. When prolonged, it can stimulate and extend pleasure. When fantasies are focused into making love with Christ, the experience opens itself to a fundamental and profound consciousness of God. My visualizations of Jesus were certainly explicit, erotically envisioning various forms of making love to Jesus the Christ. I had sexual intercourse with Jesus. Sometimes he was the top, and sometimes he was the bottom. My relationship with Christ was mutual and deep."


Trevor Wright said...

jesus loves me, but I still make him wear a condome.... love the post jason! (10-1-07)

Paul Jamieson said...

Our prayers are with you at this difficult time. (10-2-07)

Mark D. Snyder said...

lol Jason, the right-wingers are loving your post.
Can agnostics like me still masturbate over Jesus? Hehe (10-2-07)

jason lydon said...

they sure are... but they think i'm part of the metropolitan community church, but at this point i'm still a unitarian universalist. maybe i'll convert. it is pretty awesome, regardless of your faith, to think of a gorgeous jesus when masturbating. have fun queering christ (i also bet one could queer mary the mother of jesus or mary magdalene or any other gendered person in the hebrew or christian bible, just to make queering christianity fun for everyone) (10-2-07)

Fire Crotch said...

I am also reading a radical jesus book for my African American Biblical hermeneutics class called "The Politics of Jesus: Rediscovering the true revolutionary nature of Jesus' teachings and how they have been corrupted. Its very very awesome. I also recommend for a woman's erotic christ, Journeys By Heart: A Christology of Erotic Power by Rita Nakashima Brock...but i have only read some of that. nice post, Jason! I wanna chat semenary with you...oops, I mean seminary (10-3-07)