Sunday, November 18, 2007

Transgender Bathrooms at U of Southern Maine, Soon in Mass.?

Our friends at the Christian Civic League of Maine have reported that one hotbed of queer activism there, the University of Southern Maine, is now serving up "transgender" bathrooms.

Here in Massachusetts, the "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill" (H1722), if passed, will bring us not only trans bathrooms, but trans health clubs and locker rooms! Won't that be a place the girls can relax, showering next to a guy (let's imagine he's "pre-op") who feels like a girl that day? And it's only up to the individual to determine if he/she/? is "transgender" or "expressing" his/her/? gender appropriately; it's not up to the people around him/her/? . If anyone (especially the business owner) were to object to a "she-male" showering in the women's locker room, they'd be guilty of unlawful discrimination!

Bill H1722 also covers all Massachusetts public schools. And not on a temporary basis. No discrimination would be tolerated on the basis of "gender identity or expression" (undefined). It would apply to all grades, K-12, and would bring chaos in our school restrooms, hallways, classrooms. And you think they were messing with your kids just pushing homosexuality? Get ready...

From WorldNetDaily:

University sanctions transgender bathrooms: Facilities set aside 'for those whose gender may not conform with societal stereotypes'
November 18, 2007
Students using the seventh-floor bathrooms at the
University of Southern Maine's Glickman Family Library this week were in for a surprise when the standard symbols for men and women on the doors were covered with a sign announcing the facilities were now "designated as gender neutral."
With university approval, organizers for the 4th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, held Friday, erased all distinctions for restrooms at the Glickman meeting site, according to Mike Hein of the
Christian Civic League of Maine.
"The USM library bathrooms are designed to accommodate several people simultaneously, and they have no exterior door locks," he said. "Men and women were seen entering and leaving the bathrooms freely, often together as groups, throughout the transgender event." ...

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