Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bay Windows Attempts Cover-Up

Lies, filth, and cruelty: Bay Windows, the extremist homosexual/transgender Boston newspaper, has attempted to cover up their role in damaging an Acton minor youth, whose mother has exposed the dangers their radical community poses to our society -- and especially to our children.

They have tried to scrub from the web two articles where they piled on in the attack on this family, and even published the child's name, working with an accomplice blog, QueerToday. But MassResistance has saved these articles, and will preserve them for posterity. (They've told at least one person over the phone that they never published the Sept. 27 article!)

Here's the September 27 piece they don't want you to see (which appeared only online, not in their print edition): "Anti-gay activist's daughter allegedly in Laramie Project cast," by Ethan Jacobs, 9-27-07, Mr. Jacobs secretly contacted the child via Facebook, trying to entice her to do an interview with Bay Windows.

Their October 4 edition contains their own editor's reference to this Sept. 27 column, and letters responding to it, which also made their print edition. Hard to cover that up. (Yes, Bay Windows, we've preserved your online version of this too.) They also tried to scrub an earlier article, which we've saved.

Clearly, Bay Windows belatedly realized that they were on very shaky legal ground reprinting lies from QueerToday, and going after a minor child. And they still are on shaky legal ground.