Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's BACK! Trans Impersonator of Healey

QueerToday trans impersonator of Kerry Healey (far left) with Deval Patrick. Deval supports anything these "trans" activists want. (See his statement at the Harvard GLBT forum.)

We first posted on this hideous example of queer extremist politics -- a YouTube entry -- a week ago, but got so many complaints over its vile content that we took it down. But now, as we continue to watch Deval's campaign, we decided to repost it ... as an illustration of the sort of GLBT activism Patrick has no problem with.
Remember Deval's appearance at the Harvard GLBT candidate forum in September. We are certain Deval would also support the "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth," its "Friends" group (which headlined the maker of this video at its fundraiser as its "youth" speaker), and the queer activist's employer BAGLY. Here's our original posting from October 12:

An example of political speech by a person given great deference at the State House: Watch this short video by QueerToday and BAGLY operative Mark -- doing Kerry Healey in drag. Calling Healey (Repub candidate for Gov) a "raging bull Dyke"!? This mockery comes from a leading figure in the queer (his word) activist movement in Massachusetts.

The suicide prevention funding voted by our Legislature helps support Mark's work as office manager at
BAGLY, the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth.

Mark will be heading up a demonstration against the Focus on the Family/Family Research Council "Liberty Sunday" event this Sunday evening, Oct. 15 at the Tremont Temple Baptist Church in Boston, to be broadcast live around the country. We wonder how he'll dress for that occasion. It was his group
QueerToday that orchestrated the riot in front of Focus's "Love Won Out" ex-gay conference there last October. (Then, he had the assistance of the anti-war demonstrators who happened to be Boston that day.)

P.S. to Mark: Your video masterpiece has been preserved for posterity, so don't bother to take it down!