Wednesday, December 16, 2009

GLSEN Fistgate Student Magazine Reveals Sex-Obsessed and Sad Kids

We’ll Be Right Out
Special TeachOUT Conference Edition #2
Produced by Project 10 East and GLSEN/Boston
March 25, 2000
This was given out in the registration packet to all participants. Clearly, it was blessed by GLSEN and Project 10 East. Our volunteers saved their copies. You can view the entire publication here
The collection of ramblings, poems and prose shorts includes:
·      “an argument against the ten commandments”
·      a graphic sexual discussion of masturbation
·      a tale of heterosexual rape
·      many plaintive reflections on loneliness, confusion, and sadness
·      exhortations to political gay activism
Here are just a few excerpts (typos are in the originals):
Goal: Raise awareness and acceptance in my high school by becoming more active and visible. I plan on taking my boyfriend to the prom and going with my friends to show them that we are here and I’m not afraid to show them who I care about and that I am happy.
As most teenagers know, we can’t be with our significant others 24:7, or even everyday. I know I can’t. Because we are nearing peeks of our sexual life we want, and need, sex all the time. Though I don’t practice masturbation many I know do. I’ve had the pleasure of or lack of, hearing what they use.
One tip: Icy Hot and bengay are a no-no. It might feel good for a moment, but desperado, it hurts more that it provides pleasure. I hear pumps are great. They act like a hand, but feel better. How? I wouldn’t know.
Vibrators are great for some, but if your low on cash – maglites are excellent. Go to K-mart in the batteries aisle. Not that expensive, Yet just as fun as a vibrator.
Though toys are good (supposedly) nothing beats the real thing. I wait for my partner and it all out then. But hey to each his/her own. These are just a few tips suggestions. Do with it what you want.
She didn’t want to do it
So she thought, “I’ll scream as loud as I can.”
Her crying didn’t stop him,
He had to be a man.
When he was finally through,
She felt so dirty and unclean.
How could the man she loved
Be so brutal and so mean?
Back in school the football players would shove and,
Grab her butt.
They figured they could get some too,
Considering she was a slut.
No one realized it, and she was unaware too,
In reality it was RAPE that
Was making her so blue.
Reason 1 for the argument against the ten commandments
Peter is the typical gay boy next door. He’s out and everything. Peters neighbors are Louis and Heather. He is quite attracted to Louis and try’s to visit him as much as possible, just to see him. He waters the garden, cuts the grass, even throws parties just to see this Louis. Peter has a gaydar and has picked up on a Louis. In fact Louis is one of the biggest closet cases in the world. He just married her to get his mothero ff his back.
Louis and his wife, Heather, have gone off on a vacation and they ask Peter to house sit. Louis, however, just cam home from an important business meeting in the middle of the week. On Wednesday, Louis returns home and starts talking to Peter. They talk and talk and talk. Suddenly POOF! Peter and Louis wind up in bed.(we won’t go into details)
Now, there is nothing in the ten commandments that says “Do not covet the neighbors husband.” Therefore it is morally acceptable for the gay, unattached man to sleep with the married-to-a-female-closeted man.
Reason 2
In some cultures, God does not exist. Therefore the “word of God” does not exist and the 10 commandments are something not to be followed.
My thoughts are racing,
Where do I start?

I don’t know
What to do with the
Thoughts of my heart.