Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kevin Jennings: Weekend Recap

Who founded GLSEN – the “Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network” -- while teaching at an elite New England boarding school?

·      Who advised his teenage male student to be sure to use a condom when he had sex with adult male strangers met in bus stations?
·      Who was asked by an extremist sexual radical to join the Mass. “Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth” in 1992?
·      Who was a member of ACT/UP?
·      Who ran the Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth Education Committee? (Jennings, Mama’s Boy Preacher’s Son)
·      Who wrote the Commission’s 1993 Report, “Making Schools Safe for Gay and Lesbian Youth,” which started the “Safe Schools” programs in Massachusetts – and served as the template for GLBT activists in schools across the country? [Stay tuned for a new report by MassResistance.]
·      Who dishonestly claimed that an epidemic of gay teen suicides required bringing homosexual issues into our schools – that it was all about student “safety” -- but later admitted his deceit?
·      Who was “sought out” by Alyson Publications (publisher of pro-pedophilia works, gay & lesbian pornography, and Heather Has Two Mommies) to produce a gay & lesbian source book (for teenagers).
·      Who wrote the infamous “heterosexism questionnaire” widely used in diversity training sessions (especially in schools)?
·      Who wrote an adulatory chapter on Harry Hay, NAMBLA supporter and pioneering homosexual radical, with a lesson instructing teenagers that fighting “police entrapment” (protecting anonymous homosexual sex in public bathrooms and parks) was a great “civil rights” battle to be proud of?
·      Who put his sexual “partner” in charge of designing the Massachusetts “Safe Schools” program? (Jennings, Mama’s Boy Preacher’s Son)
·      Whose organization continued to guide the Massachusetts DOE as it implemented its “Safe Schools” program? (Perrotti & Westheimer book.)
·      Who gave the keynote address at his GLSEN-Boston 2000 conference, AKA “Fistgate”, where young teens received instruction in perverted and dangerous homosexual sex practices?
·      Whose organization handed out “fisting” and oral sex kits to teens at its 2001 conference?
·      Whose organization gave out the pornographic Little Black Book: Queer in the 21st Century in 2005, and earlier similar guidebooks to “leather bars” at his GLSEN conferences – where teens could pick them up?
·      Who advocated Queering Elementary Education – with terrorist Bill Ayers’s blessing?
·      Whose organization published reading lists for students with sordid, graphic details of sexual encounters? (See here and here.)
·      Whose organization employs propaganda techniques such as “Gay-Straight Alliances,” “Day of Silence,” “Ally Week,” and “anti-bullying programs” to enlist youth in pro-GLBT political activism – and the “lifestyle”?
·      Who wrote flippantly about his teenage drug and alcohol use in his memoir?
·      Whose organization published a lesson plan for LGBT history month, using a film idolizing purveyors of pornography?
·      Who hosted Barack Obama in his home, raising “GLBT community” donations for the candidate, thereby ensuring his appointment as “Safe Schools” czar in the federal Department of Education?
·      Who helped fund a 2009 ACT/UP retrospective exhibit  -- incuding pornographic images and even insinuations of child rape -- at Harvard University, celebrating ACT/UP’s attack on public decency, the Catholic Church, and traditional values?
·      Who has spread this plague of GLBT indoctrination in the schools to the rest of the country?
·      Who now has the President, Vice President, and big media behind him, while they ignore the public outcry over this appointment?