Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Kevin Jennings' GLSEN Passed Out Gay Hook-Up Bar Directories to Teens

Clearly, Kevin Jennings' GLSEN did/does not follow policies that safeguard children. There seems to be a pattern here. 
At GLSEN conferences in Atlanta (1999), Chicago (2000), and Boston (2005), teenage attendees were able to pick up directories to gay "leather" bars (where homosexuals meet for anonymous sex and sadomasochistic "play"). 
In 2005, GLSEN recommended the infamous "Ramrod" bar in Boston in the Little Black Book: Queer in the 21st Century, handed out to teens at their Boston conference.  (The booklet described the Ramrod:  "oldschool speakeasy. Leather, denim. Woof."
Leather Bara bar frequented by gays, often sadomasochists, dressed typically in leather garments
Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth told WorldNetDaily that dozens of teenagers were among the 800 attending the 2000 GLSEN conference in Chicago:
Although conference presenters talked about the importance of disseminating only "age-appropriate" material, all participants, including dozens of high school-aged kids, had the opportunity to receive a "Visitor's Companion" that advertised Chicago's homosexual "leather" bars, a sex club and a homosexual bathhouse called "Steamworks," which was advertised as a "24-hour men's gym/sauna."
LaBarbera questioned why GLSEN's organizers -- already bruising over the recent arrest of a Chicago GLSEN leader for soliciting sex with an underage boy (GLSEN expelled the man) -- did not take the "simple step of keeping these gay sex club ads from reaching the teenagers in their care."
"For years, GLSEN has claimed to protect 'at-risk' kids. But they are now helping put young teenage boys at risk by uncritically passing out a gay guide that hawks anonymous sex clubs and 'leather' bars in Chicago," he said. "This fits into a pattern of GLSEN failing to shield its young followers from a homosexual male sexual culture that not only tolerates, but often celebrates promiscuity." (At last year's GLSEN conference in Atlanta, a similar sexually-laden booklet was passed out to attendees.)

Here's a current ad for "Steamworks" in Chicago, which was one of the clubs recommended to the GLSEN conference attendees in 2000. The full text reads:
Thanksgiving Weekend. GET STUFFED.
Thanksgiving Weekend parties