Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Alan Keyes Blames Romney for Gay Marriage

Alan Keyes is adding his fearless voice to the Republican Presidential debates. Last night, for instance, at the Values Voter Debate, he came out in support of a federal marriage amendment. Then he turned to the Massachusetts "marriage" debacle, and placed the blame not only on judicial tyrants on our Supreme Judicial Court, but on Mitt Romney. Keyes understands the revelations in our Mitt Romney report -- that Romney is "singlehandedly responsible" for bringing on the homosexual "marriages".

It's one thing for a judge to spout nonsense; it's another for a foolish Governor to take up her suggestion. Romney violated the Massachusetts Constitution in issuing new marriage licenses without any change in our marriage statute. And he had no authority to order JPs and Town Clerks to implement these illegal "marriages". Why did he do it? Was he keeping his promise to the radical Log Cabin "Republicans"?