Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mass. Lesbian Extremists on Hillary Clinton's Campaign

Whether or not Hillary Clinton is a lesbian is probably of less importance than her choices for advisors. So pay close attention to these two GLBT extremists, on Hillary's campaign advisory staff (according to a homosexual newspaper source):

Mary Breslauer [left], principal at Communications Solutions, co-host of HRC’s XM radio show “The Agenda”; former co-chair, Kerry-Edwards 2004 LGBT Steering Committee.

Rebecca Haag [right], Executive Director of the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts.

Haag lied to Channel 7 news about MassResistance during the infamous incident of the Macy's transgender mannequins (during Pride 2006), and refused to set the record straight when we challenged her. (We assume her communications advisor Breslauer guided her.) Haag also said that the breasts on the Macy's mannequins were just "pecs" that fit men get from working out.
It seems Breslauer and Haag are partners. (This according to the Harvard University Gazette back in 1997.) Maybe they're "married" now? Who knows, maybe they've done a Goodridge split? Since we're not invited to their crowd's parties, we're not sure.

Hillary also has "trans friendly supporters," according to the TransAdvocate blog.