Thursday, September 06, 2007

Romney to Be Cornered in Next GOP Debate?

The next GOP presidential debate on September 17 will be most interesting. Joseph Farah, founder and editor of WorldNetDaily, will be the moderator. Farah was highly critical of candidate Mitt Romney in his recent column, "The Many Faces of Mitt Romney." WorldNetDaily has frequently reported MassResistance's revelations on Romney's flawed record in Massachusetts.

The debate will focus on VALUES . . . Romney's universally acknowledged weakness. Voters may submit questions through the ValuesVoter Debate web site.

Check out the ValuesVoters' Contract with Congress, and the list of national leaders behind this effort. Many of these leaders have a full understanding of Romney's violation of the Massachusetts constitution in implementing sodomy "marriage," as well as his problematic record in other areas. So we at MassResistance have high expectations from the panelists!

Those behind ValuesVoters who have written critically of Romney include: Janet Folger ("Straw Poll and Brick Values"), Don Feder ("Mitt Happens"), Dr. Alan Keyes ("Keyes cites Romney as sole author of Massachusetts gay marriage policy: Nov. 5 'God and Country' speech"), and (back in 2003) Phyllis Schlafly ("It's Time To Rebuke The Judicial Oligarchy").

From WorldNetDaily, on the upcoming September 17 debate:
... Regarding the selection of WND's Farah, debate organizer Janet Folger said, "As long as I can remember I've been hearing complaints about the liberal media. I've heard about their power and undue influence. For too long the pundits have made their proclamations and people have fallen into lock step. But, not anymore."
Looking forward to the event, Farah said, "So often in presidential debates, questions are asked and answers don't address the questions. When that happens, I'm going to try to persuade the candidates to focus more precisely on what was asked."
Questions will also come from 40 of America's leaders including: Paul Weyrich, founder and president of the Free Congress Foundation; Phyllis Schlafly, founder and president of Eagle Forum; Don Wildmon, founder and chairman of the American Family Association; Judge Roy Moore, a WND columnist with the Foundation for Moral Law; Rick Scarborough of Vision America; and Mat Staver of Liberty Council....