Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pagan Pseudo-Christian Churches Celebrate Homosexuality

MissionAmerica's Linda Harvey just posted a good article: 'Faith' Leaders Mislead Youth; 'Evangelical' left say they’re Christians, act like Pagans: "So homosexuality, bisexuality and cross-dressing are okay with our Lord? That would mean there’s no difference between such an “enlightened” approach and the behavior of pagans in the Old Testament..."

Harvey discusses of wayward "Evangelicals" who preach the homosexual propaganda: Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo, Mel White of "Soulforce", and other church leaders. Even the latest pastor sensation, Rick Warren, has shown some waffling on the link between homosexuality and AIDS.

Meanwhile, the Boston GLBT newspaper Bay Windows is all excited about the 35th anniversary of their pagan festival site, the "Metropolitan Community Church" of Boston. The MCC was a big presence in the riot against Focus on the Family's Love Won Out conference, as we reported in November 2005.

InNews Weekly also breathlessly reported on the MCC's new "Justice School Sunday" program for children, to be run by a young 20-something "queer libertarian." He said that the "Boston Alliance for GLBT Youth (BAGLY) holds its Wednesday meetings in our [MCC] space; we welcomed the first Boston Transgender Pride celebration in 2006; and we have a long history of ministers supporting GLBT rights."

From the Bay Windows stories:
[9-13-07] MCC Boston has also worked to address issues that specifically impact the community.“MCC has been focusing a lot on crystal meth addiction, which is very much part of the gay community right now, and other denominations aren’t going to focus on those issues,” said Cooper.While MCC Boston had about 120 members at its peak, over the years the congregation has shrunk down to about 35. Cooper said the AIDS crisis took a major toll on the church, claiming the lives not only of many of its members but of several of its clergy and lay leaders.
[9-20-07] Despite the church’s LGBT mission, the anniversary service felt like a standard mainline Protestant service with a few key differences. The service featured readings from the Old and New Testaments, traditional hymns (some edited with gender-inclusive language), and the Communion rite. Yet draped across the altar was a large rainbow flag, and at the front of the altar a white candle decorated with a red AIDS ribbon burned throughout the service. The congregation, which consisted predominantly of men in their 40s and older, included several same-sex couples who draped their arms across each other’s shoulders without reservation. In the church bulletin underneath the description of the Communion rite is the message, “We come out as God’s people!”
[photo: Bay Windows]