Saturday, September 15, 2007

Iowa Patriots Seek to Remove "Gay Marriage" Judge; Romney Ignored Similar Mass. Effort in 2004

It's great to see that Iowa patriots have stepped forward to preserve their Constitution, and impeach the county judge who ruled that two sodomites could be joined in "marriage". This is what should have happened in Massachusetts in 2004-5.

We at MassResistance (then Article 8 Alliance) led that effort. See "It's Crunch Time in Boston" by John Haskins, WorldNetDaily (4-11-05):

Though their oaths of office compel them to declare the ruling null and void and to remove the four judges, the executive and legislative branches in this "separate but equal" farce clearly believe that their oaths, too, have been struck down. Gov. Mitt Romney – Republican and practicing Mormon – while posing in the Bible Belt as a pro-family conservative, has taken to sponsoring homosexual youth parades in Boston. Chief Justice Margaret Marshall is now running the state, when she's not fund-raising for homosexual organizations and otherwise mocking rules about judicial neutrality. Feeling powerless as governor, Romney is wondering if he can be our next president....

Gov. Romney and the Legislature need to be made the laughingstock of the nation for not standing up to the self-appointed politburo that has reduced them to mindless puppets. We need all the help we can get here because removing judges is now a do-or-die effort for constitutional self-government, and not only for Massachusetts. For the entire country, a great deal depends on our scaring the Massachusetts political establishment back into at least faintly constitutional parameters. If we fail to remove the four outlaw justices, Americans may well look back at the Massachusetts homosexual marriage ruling as "the one that ate the rule of law," to borrow a recent phrase from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

But our Governor, Mitt Romney, declined to support the effort. So did the Massachusetts Family Institute and the Massachusetts Catholic Conference. And so did conservative advocacy groups around the country, including the vaunted ACLJ and Alliance Defense Fund (ADF). Why? In the case of the ADF, they thought they could compromise with the homosexual extremists, hand them civil unions and benefits, and allow their early "marriages" to stand untouched, then (with a wink from the homosexual thugs) pass their terribly flawed VoteOnMarriage amendment. We've seen where that strategy led.

At a June 2005 press conference, Romney gave no reason for his opposition to the effort to remove of the four sodomy "marriage" judges. Could his inaction be explained by his promise to the homosexual activist Log Cabin Republicans in 2002, not to interfere with the Mass. Supreme Judicial Court's anticipated ruling for sodomy "marriage" (as recently reported in the New York Times)?

Q: Governor, what about the broader issue of judicial acitivism? Do you support or oppose the Bill of Address movement to recall the judges?

Gov. Romney: I'm not looking to recall the judges. I do however believe that justices should not legislate from the bench any more than legislators should adjudicate from the legislature. And I believe that there should be a separation of powers and responsibilities, and I believe that in this case that the Supreme Judicial Court engaged in legislating. I believe it was an improper decision on their part, and that's why I believe that ultimately the citizens should have the opportunity to make this choice, or their elected representatives.

When are Republican primary voters around the country going to wake up to Romney's deception? He never worked to preserve real marriage, but rather did all he could to implement it -- even without any errant court order! Romney also violated the Constitution by ordering the new "Party A/Party B" marriage licenses (while Mass. statutes STILL allow only man/woman marriage), and by ordering Justices of the Peace and Town Clerks to implement sodomy "marriages".

Here's the Iowa story:
Group wants judge impeached in same-sex marriage case
By Rod Boshart
The Gazette, September 12. 2007

DES MOINES - A nonprofit group calling itself Everyday America began a petition drive Wednesday aimed at pressuring state lawmakers to impeach and remove a district judge who issued a ruling declaring Iowa's same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional.

Bill Salier, a former Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Nora Springs and one of the group's founders, said Everyday America is seeking support for an impeachment petition that states Judge Robert Hanson "knowingly violated the bounds of the Iowa Constitution" in issuing the controversial opinion, which also violated his judicial oath.

"The people of this state must take a stand to stop government officials from overstepping the Constitution in order to change society as they see fit. It is time we must start holding our government to account," the online petition states."Some government officials will continue to overstep their authority unless 'We the People.' demand it stop," according to the petition. [Read more...]