Monday, September 24, 2007

Homosexual Marriages Down to Trickle in Mass.

Don't remember why we went to the wedding announcements page on Bay Windows, but what we found was interesting. Nothing has been posted since November 2006. (And the photos have been removed.) We also rarely see the offensive same-sex couple photos on the Boston Globe weddings page now. And we're sure the Globe would print them if they had them!

Seems that homosexual "marriages" have tapered off lately. We've reported on this in the past. Recently we read of the same phonemenon in Canada. (See "Only 1 Canadian same-sex couple 'married' in Toronto this year," LifeSiteNews.) Hmm...

They don't really want marriage. They just want to destroy the institution of marriage. Stanley Kurtz was right: According to American author/researcher Stanley Kurtz, the goal of the homosexual movement is not about “marriage” for gays, but the ultimate demolition of all marriage. Basing his idea upon a 2001 Law Commission called “Beyond Conjugality”, Kurtz declared, “The way to abolish marriage, without seeming to abolish it, is to redefine the institution out of existence. If everything can be marriage, pretty soon nothing will be marriage.”