Saturday, September 29, 2007

KnowThyNeighbor Founder's Other Project

Aaron Toleos, co-founder of the infamous KnowThyNeighbor intimidation blog, is trying out a new gig with the phony Soulforce organization (which is all about GLBT spirituality). It's called "7 Straight Nights for Equal Rights." The absurd idea is that "straights" (as Toleos identifies), are going to "come out" for "LGBT rights" on "Coming Out Day," October 11. A vigil is set at a Salem church that night.

As of today, NO Massachusetts sponsors had signed up, even though the sponsor book says: "You will all have a huge cloud of witnesses when you stand up and vigil for justice." Where are all the "straight allies across the nation demand[ing] equality for LGBT Americans"? We think it's time for the KnowThyNeighbor guys to take a rest.

Apparently, Mr. Toleos, the Action Leader, will be perfectly happy if his little children grow up L, G, B or T. His son catching AIDS from anal sex? No problem. His daughter removing her breasts and growing a beard? No problem. No grandchildren? No problem.

From the 7 Straight Nights web site:

The Toleos FamilyStatement:
I will not stand by while gay individuals, couples, and their children are dehumanized and denied basic rights. I will not stand by while children are deprived of basic protections and benefits because of their parents' sexual orientation. I will not stand by while gay Americans die for their country while forced to keep their true identities hidden. I challenge you to join my family in making a public stand in support of our gay friends and neighbors by fighting for equality, justice, and freedom for ALL Americans. The gay community has been coming out of the closet for years. Now it is our turn to come out with our support for them.--Aaron Toleos

Judy Shepard, mother of Matthew Shepard, is pushing the "Seven Straight Nights" effort:
"As a straight ally and mother of a hate crime victim, I challenge all of us to action. With your help, Seven Straight Nights can have a lasting impact on our communities by starting critical conversations, creating meaningful relationships, and affirming a group of people that have faced hate and bigotry for far too long."