Saturday, September 08, 2007

Who's Behind "Gay Marriage" in Iowa?

Here are two notable groups pushing the latest illegal homosexual "marriage" travesty in Iowa:

1. Lambda Legal pushed the Iowa case in a county court (judge-shopped), in a state where they figured no public official would call for the judge's impeachment. All the outrage among conservatives over this, but no one's calling for the judge to be booted? Presidential candidate Mitt Romney dared not demand the judge's ouster, as it would have shown up his failure in Massachusetts to do the same -- though he now poses as a heroic defender of real marriage.

In December 2005, Lambda Legal filed a lawsuit with the Polk County Court on behalf of six same-sex couples who were denied marriage licenses in Iowa, arguing that denying marriage to same-sex couples violates the equal protection and due process guarantees in the Iowa Constitution, and prevents these couples from taking care of each other and their children.... Lambda Legal has planned a series of Town Hall meetings around Iowa in the next couple of weeks to introduce the plaintiffs to residents and keep alive the idea that equality is the only right way for Iowa to proceed. (InNews Weekly, 9-6-07)

What else does Lambda Legal do? It supports GLBT activism in schools. It tells cruisers for anonymous "gay" sex how to avoid trouble with the police, publishing its very own Little Black Book of advice on the subject. (Did Senator Craig lose his copy?):
If you cruise in parks, bathrooms or other spaces open to public view, trust your instincts, be aware of your surroundings -- and know your rights. While Lambda Legal and other groups are fighting against the ways police target men who have sex with men, having sex where others might see you and take offense can subject you to arrest, publicity and other serious consequences. If you feel unsafe, you should leave.
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2. Unitarians. Right next to the Massachusetts State House is the international headquarters of the Unitarian Universalist Association. (Note: it's not a "church" but an "association.")
The Unitarians have taken a leading role in pushing for homosexual "marriage" here and across America. The UU Association also hosts a group (somewhat underground at the moment) pushing for polygamy ("polyamory awareness" -- they're still at the desensitizing stage, just making us "aware" of their "alternative sexual expression").

The "gay" couple in Iowa were "married" last week by -- surprise -- a Unitarian minister. In his welcome message on his "church" web site, do we see any mention of the Bible? God? Ten Commandments? Doctrine? Jesus? Truth? No, just words like: seekers ... questions ... values ... life enrichment ... social justice ... socializing ... journeys ... "the never-ending dialogue that is faith."