Friday, January 04, 2008

Romney Thrilled with His "Silver Medal"

Our latest letter from Mitt, received this afternoon with the subject line "The Beginning":

Dear [Supporter],
As you’ve likely seen by now, we finished a strong second place in Iowa and the mainstream press has been quick to call this devastating.
Well, I’m here to tell you that just like in the Olympics, winning the silver in the first event does not mean you’re not going to come back and win the gold in the final event. And we’re going to win the presidential nomination, by pulling together....

Remember – Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush also finished second in Iowa and went on to win the Republican nomination, and I will too. I’m the only candidate who is competitive in all of the early primary or caucus states – South Carolina, Michigan, Nevada, Florida…and of course New Hampshire.
You know as well as I do that Iowa represents the beginning of the process, and we’re on our way to New Hampshire to win – with your help.
My sincere thanks,