Thursday, January 31, 2008

Disease and Abortion

[Comments from Colonel Randy:]

A recent Reuters article informs us that HIV is not that ubiquitous, global killer-threat as hyped by the media. See "Under 1 percent of U.S. adults have HIV: report." Some numbers/stats paint an interesting picture:
*About 1/2 of 1% of the US population has HIV/AIDS.
*About 0.55% or slightly more than 1/2% of the world population dies from HIV annually (33 million deaths worldwide).

Consider the following:
*MRSA is now being spread epidemically in the promiscuous heterosexual and "gay" communities. There are people at CDC that are really worried about MRSA becoming a killer epidemic if it breaks out of the controlled medical environment and into the general public.
*H5N1, Bird Flu is uncontrolled in the Third World and is expected to mutate into a human form soon... some epidemiologists say that it already has. This flu strain could become a plague.
*Mad Cow disease not yet controlled and the meat supply is still at risk from various forms of cattle feed supplements still on the market parts of the world.
*There are many other hideous diseases like Ebola waiting to be unleashed.

All of the above are awful but now consider the following:
* Approximately 8 million die from hunger every year and 800 million suffer from hunger every year.
* 46 million babies are sacrificed to abortion each year [0.76% a much larger percent than from HIV], that's 46 million victims who never took their first breath, never committed a sin, made a mistake or even offended anyone.

Hunger is preventable. It is publicized but we do not act. Why should we be moved to act? After all, abortion is legal and encouraged throughout the "developed" world.

Abortion is not only preventable it is criminal. You can only read this because your mother "chose" to give you life and not to have you aborted.

How much is spent advertising and providing Planned Parenthood abortion services and procedures, versus how much is spent, for example, on HIV/AIDS research?

It is said that in the news, "If it bleeds, it leads." If this is true, why are the details of HIV/AIDS published, but the tragic effects of abortion on humanity not published? Why is it still acceptable to kill innocent babies? Contradictions we will all have to answer for on that last day...
From Reuters:

Under 1 percent of U.S. adults have HIV: report
Reuters 1-29-08
About one-half of one percent of young adults living in homes in the United States are infected with the AIDS virus, around 600,000 people, the National Center for Health Statistics reported on Tuesday.The agency's snapshot of HIV infection in the United States shows the rate continues to be stable and confirms other surveys that show black men are far more likely than other Americans to be infected....
Men were more likely to be infected (0.7 percent) than women (0.2 percent). People infected with the herpes simplex type 2 virus, known as genital herpes, were 15 times more likely to also be infected with HIV, according to the report ...
Black men aged 40 to 49 had the highest rate of infection, at close to 4 percent, the survey found....