Friday, January 18, 2008

Romney's Temper Flairs When Challenged by Inconvenient Facts

Yesterday, Mitt Romney lost it when an AP reporter challenged him on his statement that he didn't have Washington lobbyists running his campaign. In fact, he does: Ron Kaufman and Vin Weber. See "Romney, reporter tussle over truth" in today's Boston Herald. Don't miss his spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom's arrogant tongue-lashing of the reporter at the end. The video is very revealing.

We've documented another incident when Romney totally lost it with Chicago talk show host, Sandy Rios, at an event in that city some months back. Rios challenged his illegal implementation of "homosexual marriage" in Massachusetts. Rios had spent a lot of time closely monitoring the developments here from the Goodridge ruling on, as President of Concerned Women for America, and she knew what she was talking about. Hear the audio broadcast from WYLL radio in Chicago, March 9, as Sandy Rios explains what happened.

And then there's the tape from Romney's appearance on the Howie Carr show on WRKO in December, where he not only changed the subject when he couldn't answer honestly, but insulted Gregg Jackson, host of another WRKO show, calling him "delusional." See our report, and listen to the audio.