Monday, January 28, 2008

Romney Tells "Gay" Republicans He Will Not Oppose "Gay" Rights

Would a true conservative candidate send a representative from his campaign to meet with homosexual activists in his party? The "big tent" idea is contrary to a conservative view of the Republican Party.

As of now, yours truly is a registered Republican. But we're getting sick of "big tenters." No, real Republicans do NOT like big government (as in Romney's state health insurance plan). No, we do NOT like raising taxes (disguised by Romney as fees). No, we do NOT like experiments on human embryos, or the state/taxpayer funding abortions. No, we do NOT believe in special rights for homosexuals.

From the Washington Blade, a homosexual newspaper:

Romney rep’s remarks disappoint audience (1-25-08)

Remarks made by a representative for Romney’s campaign during a forum hosted by the D.C. chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans Jan. 16 had at least one attendee feeling disappointed.
During the forum, representatives from the campaigns of four Republican presidential contenders expressed views on why the Log Cabin Republicans should endorse their candidate.
Michael Cleary made remarks on Romney’s behalf. During his presentation he did not mention gay issues, instead focusing on how Romney revived several failing companies during his business career.
David Lampo, vice president of Virginia Log Cabin Republicans and attendee at the forum, criticized Cleary for neglecting to address gay issues and asked him to state where Romney stood on them.
Cleary responded that he could not recall a time in recent years when Romney went “out of his way” to emphasize gay rights. Cleary added that, “I want to make the point that he won’t oppose them.”
Noting Romney’s endorsement for an amendment defining marriage in the U.S. Constitution, Cleary told attendees that they should not interpret his position as being “prejudicial towards gays.”
[emphasis added]