Saturday, January 19, 2008

GLSEN Founder Kevin Jennings Leaving Organization

We wonder why? A while back, we remember reading that Jennings was not well. Read the press release from GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network).

What a lot of harm this man's done. While a teacher at Concord Academy in Massachusetts, he founded the first "gay/straight alliance" which served as a model for activists around the country. His GLSEN-Boston conferences distributed the Little Black Book to kids in 2005, and promoted fisting to teens in 2000.

Under Jennings' leadership, GLSEN cleverly devised ways of getting at all the kids in our schools: the Day of Silence (April), Ally Week (October), No Name-Calling Week (next week, Jan. 21-25, in many schools), and now even the "Transgender Day of Remembrance"!
GLSEN has a formidable list of national corporate sponsors. Have the sponsors seen the Little Black Book? Do they know about the"Fistgate" incident? Are they aware of the recent transgender/transsexual push?

Thanks, Kevin, for drawing our children into your twisted and unhealthy world. Wish you'd retired sooner.