Friday, January 18, 2008

Boston Globe Pushing "Transgender Discrimination" Story

Yesterday's print edition of the Boston Globe NorthWest had a front-page story, "Transgender student alleges bias," which for some reason is not appearing in the online headlines. (It is available if you do a search, and appears with a different headline, "Student alleges bias over locker.") Has the Globe decided to back off on this story? Has the Globe received complaints about supposed objective reporting:

  • referring to a female as "he"
  • accepting the very absurd notion of "transgenderism"
  • detailing that this young woman has had her breasts removed, but "still has some female anatomy" ?

This is only the beginning of "transgender" craziness in this state. If men don't want to see women with mutilated bodies in their locker rooms, they'd better call their State Rep and Senator and tell them to oppose H1722, the radical "transgender rights" bill, which will force all locker rooms everywhere in the state to include members of the opposite sex who "think" they are "transgender".

From the Boston Globe NorthWest:

"Transgender student alleges bias" (1-27-08)
Ethan Santiago, a physical education major in his first semester at Northern Essex Community College, had been using the men's locker room for weeks when he decided he needed a spot to stash his gym bag. So, he applied for a locker.
He said a school administrator denied his request, citing safety reasons. Santiago, a transgendered student, still has some female anatomy.
The rejection spurred the 20-year-old to file an affirmative action grievance against the school in October, alleging that he was discriminated against because of his gender identity.
Santiago said he just wants to be treated like other male students on campus. Instead, he said, the college offered him the use of a locker room generally reserved for athletes from visiting schools, as well as use of a handicap-accessible bathroom near the NECC men's locker room. He said both options made him feel like a second-class citizen....

Santiago, of Lawrence, took the name Ethan about two years ago. He was born Elizabeth. That identity confused Santiago, who said that as a teen he didn't "feel straight" but knew he wasn't a lesbian. He figured he could be bisexual, but decided to do some research.
"I came across a general education website that had all the definitions of different ways that people are queer, and transgender was there and I was like, 'What! That makes so much sense.' It just clicked," said Santiago, who has since cut his hair and dresses in men's clothes and has had breast reduction surgery.
"It was exciting every step of the way to find out what I really liked," Santiago said. "I grew up female and I know that a lot of trans people try to put their old life behind them, but I fully embrace that I was born female and that I grew up female . . . and I think it's going to make me a much better guy."
Meanwhile, Santiago said, he'll continue his fight at Northern Essex. He's been in contact with the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, a nonprofit that has offered to help guide his next steps.
Otherwise, "what am I going to do when people ask me, 'How come you're not coming to the locker room with us?' " asked Santiago. "I am living as male. I am using the men's locker room."

[emphasis added]