Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More Episcopalian Bishops in Homosexual Relationships

Recently, we reported that Bishop Gene Robinson was looking forward to being a "June bride" (his words), under the new civil unions law in New Hampshire. Now we learn there are other disordered relationships within the Epicopal hierarchy. Are we surprised?

US Episcopal Leader: There Are More Gay Partnered Bishops, but They're Secretive, (1-4-08)

The head of the Episcopal Church in the United States, Bishop Jefferts Schori, shocked listeners of a BBC Interview when she announced that Gene Robinson - the controversial Episcopalian bishop who was consecrated bishop despite his being an openly practicing homosexual - is not the only homosexual and partnered bishop in the Anglican Church.

"[Robinson] is certainly not alone in being a gay bishop," Schori said in response to a question from her interviewer. "He is certainly not alone in being a gay partnered bishop. He is alone in being the only gay partnered bishop who's open about that status." ...