Thursday, November 30, 2006

Alan Keyes Explains: Romney Started "Gay Marriages"

Word is getting out among prominent pro-family leaders and politicians around the country on Gov. Romney's responsibility for homosexual "marriages" in Massachusetts.

We hear that a prominent national figure has just told pro-family legislators from 27 states (at a conference in Dallas last Saturday) the real story behind the issuance of "gay marriage" licenses in Massachusetts: Gov. Mitt Romney unconstitutionally implemented them!

Also, Dr. Alan Keyes truly understands what has happened and what is happening: a total surrender by pro-family leaders fawning over Gov. Romney. After meeting with MassResistance staff and affiliated legal researchers recently, examining the documents we presented to him and taking the time to do his own research on the subject, Dr. Keyes is now explaining to those who are open-minded that Romney alone -- and in violation of the law, the state Constitution, and his oath of office -- imposed homosexual "marriage" on Massachusetts.

See the posting on Keyes's RenewAmerica web site:

Keyes cites Romney as sole author of Massachusetts gay marriage policy: Nov. 5 'God and Country' speech in Pensacola, FL
November 16, 2006
RenewAmerica staff

In a "God and Country" speech last week at Chuck Baldwin's Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida, Dr. Alan Keyes said that Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is alone responsible for his state's gay marriage policy--not the state's supreme court, as widely perceived. While Gov. Romney--a contender for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination--publicly claims to be opposed to gay marriage, Keyes pointed out that Romney unwisely "forced" gay marriage on Massachusetts of his own initiative in 2004.

Romney claimed at the time that a 4-3 decision of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court calling for legislation that would authorize gay marriage required Romney to institute a same-sex marriage policy. But the truth, according to Keyes, is that Romney took pre-emptive action to impose gay marriage without any requirement to do so by the court.

Said Keyes, "Mitt Romney, who's now running around the country telling people he's an opponent of same-sex marriage, forced the justices of the peace and others [in the state system] to perform same-sex marriage--all on his own with no authorization or requirement from the court."Noting that the court's "decision did not make any change in the law," Keyes inquired of his audience: "Since [the court's] decision didn't make any change in the existing law of the state of Massachusetts, and since the legislature has not acted on the subject, you might be wondering how it is that homosexuals are being married in Massachusetts.

"Keyes answered his own question:"[This] tells you how twisted our politicians have become. On the first day [after the court's deadline for the legislature to act, Romney] forces homosexual marriage through in the state of Massachusetts without any warrant or requirement from the court. And the day after that, he goes to a conference sponsored by Focus on the Family to announce what a strong supporter he is of traditional marriage. Ah! God help us, please."