Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Romney: Call Legislature Back Into Session!

On the rally at the State House last Sunday (Nov. 19), we ask: Why didn't Romney call the Legislature back into session then -- if necessary, with the help of State Troopers? The 109 Legislators who voted to recess violated their oaths to follow the Constitution by refusing to vote on the citizens' petition to define marriage.

Why did Romney just announce his appeal to the courts? The clock is ticking... Does he really think that his lawsuit -- filed with the same Supreme Judicial Court that issued the "Goodridge" opinion -- will accomplish anything? And even if the Court rules the right way (as it did in Dec. 2002, on the Pawlick marriage amendment, to no avail), only the Governor can enforce bringing the Legislators back to vote.

The Governor can be reached at 617-725-4005. Time to demand he call the Legislature back!

Here are observations from our friend, the Rev. Michael Carl, on the State House rally on Nov. 19:


Why don't we take a survey to find out if we the people will bombard Romney's office, demanding that he exercise his Constitutional authority to announce that Goodridge v. the State Board of Health is null and void.

According to the Massachusetts Constitution, Part Two, Chapter Three, Article V,

"All causes of marriage, divorce, and alimony, and all appeals from the judges of probate shall be heard and determined by the governor and council, until the legislature shall, by law, make other provision."

The Governor is the Constitutional officer responsible for settling marriage issues. Thus, Romney had, and has until January 2, the power to act to tell the world that the SJC's opinion in Goodridge v. the State Board of Health is illegal, unconstitutional, and an blight on the legal and moral landscape of this Commonwealth and the nation in which we are a member. He also has the constitutional authority to call the Legislature back into special session and prescribe that they take a vote on the people's amendment.

Why are we so mild and weak? Why don't we have a measure of nerve that's at least as big as that of the folks in the homosexual lobby? The editor of Bay Windows boldly claimed that the legislature owed them their willing disregard of the Constitution. She demanded that the Legislature disobey the law, something they were only too willing to do!!! If the editor of a publication serving the immoral in our society can make such a bold demand, why can't we be at least as assertive in our cause of righteousness? It's time that we take an aggressive stand and demand that our weak-kneed, spineless, waffling officials tell the homosexuals where to get off!!! What in the world is wrong with us? Have we lost our nerve? Don't we have the courage of our convictions? Why can't we see that we're fighting for the soul of our nation? What is it going to take before we will finally open our eyes to see that our elected officials are happily playing the fiddle while our nation burns around them?

We are going to lose this battle, if we haven't already, and we're still gullible enough to believe Romney cares. He's grandstanding again. He stood up on the State House steps holding out a meatless bone to entice us into thinking he really wants to do something about the homosexual marriage issue. He's still doing the same thing the rest of the amoral, gutless wonders in the GOP have done for over a decade. They've courted the "Values Voters" with hollow platitudes and an endless number of empty pontifications. When are we going to realize that the GOP regarded us as being equal to the Capitol staircases--something to walk on while they climbed the rungs of power?

Look where it got us. Nowhere. All we got was one little piece of federal legislation that yes, outlawed an extremely grisly procedure. Yet, that law only covered a small fraction of the total number of babies slaughtered in our abortion mills every year. And that law was thrown out by a couple of black-robed, tin-horned federal potentates within a month or two of its signing. The culture is sliding further into the moral abyss as we in Massachusetts are still willing to dance with a milquetoast, lame-duck governor whose eyes are filled with the twinkle of White House-shaped stars.

The time for whistles and bells is over. It's now time to act.

Rev. Michael Carl

Lynn , Massachusetts
Constitution Party of Mass., Co-Chairman
"All things are possible for him who believes" (Mark 9:23)