Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gender a Choice -- Not a Physical Reality -- in NYC

Just when you thought the political scene couldn't be any more depressing, we see this insane story out of New York City: "Gender" there will soon be a personal "choice", not physiological reality.

With our totalitarian one-party government looming in Massachusetts, with a Governor-elect who's told the trans radicals he'll give them whatever they want, and with a radical activist GLBT state rep having promised to file a trans "rights" bill in the next legislative session ... get ready!

We've recently had strange and most unpleasant encounters of the "trans" kind in restrooms in NYC. (A WorldNetDaily article suggests more otherworldly scenarios this movement might force on us.) Please, can we restore the sanity?

New York Plans to Make Gender Personal Choice
By Damien Cave, New York Times, 11-7-06

Separating anatomy from what it means to be a man or a woman, New York City is moving forward with a plan to let people alter the sex on their birth certificate even if they have not had sex-change surgery.

Under the rule being considered by the city’s Board of Health, which is likely to be adopted soon, people born in the city would be able to change the documented sex on their birth certificates by providing affidavits from a doctor and a mental health professional laying out why their patients should be considered members of the opposite sex, and asserting that their proposed change would be permanent.

Applicants would have to have changed their name and shown that they had lived in their adopted gender for at least two years, but there would be no explicit medical requirements.
“Surgery versus nonsurgery can be arbitrary,” said Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, the city’s health commissioner. “Somebody with a beard may have had breast-implant surgery. It’s the permanence of the transition that matters most.”

If approved, the new rule would put New York at the forefront of efforts to redefine gender. A handful of states do not require surgery for such birth certificate changes, but in some of those cases patients are still not allowed to make the change without showing a physiological shift to the opposite gender. ...

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority also agreed last month to let people define their own gender when deciding whether to use the men’s or women’s bathrooms.

Joann Prinzivalli, 52, a lawyer for the New York Transgender Rights Organization, a man who has lived as a woman since 2000, without surgery, said the changes amount to progress, a move away from American culture’s misguided fixation on genitals as the basis for one’s gender identity.

“It’s based on an arbitrary distinction that says there are two and only two sexes,” she said. “In reality the diversity of nature is such that there are more than just two, and people who seem to belong to one of the designated sexes may really belong to the other.”