Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Romney's Sparse Statements While Imlplementing "Gay Marriages"

Governor Romney could have used the "bully pulpit" to address homosexual "marriage", and halt the insanity overtaking the Commonwealth in the Spring of 2004. But he NEVER did. Rather, he avoided public comment. He often sent his spokesman out, not matter how highly significant the question.

11-18-03 “I disagree with the Supreme Judicial Court. Marriage is an institution between a man and a woman. I will support an amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution to make that expressly clear. Of course, we must provide basic civil rights and appropriate benefits to nontraditional couples, but marriage is a special institution that should be reserved for a man and a woman.”

3-26-04 The “president of the Massachusetts Towns Clerks' Association, said she notified clerks this week about the training after she was informed about it during a visit by an official from the state's Registry of Vital Records and Statistics, the division within the state Department of Public Health that oversees the issuance of marriage licenses…. But a spokeswoman for Romney, who as head of the executive branch of government controls the Department of Public Health, declined yesterday to acknowledge that the training was scheduled…. Romney would not publicly comment on whether he will ask the SJC to stay its decision until after the Constitutional Convention, which will reconvene next week…. State officials also are preparing forms, scheduled to be available by May 17, with gender-appropriate language for same-sex couples who request marriage licenses, Hutchenrider [Town Clerks’ Assoc.] said. "The attorneys are going over them," she said. (Boston Globe) [That would mean the Governor’s attorneys…]

3-31-04 “Romney reiterated his commitment Tuesday to abide by the law of the land as it exists on May 17 and said he would not order city clerks to defy the court edict. There is a section in the state constitution that gives the governor the power to weigh in on the "causes of marriage," but Romney said he had not explored whether this clause gives him any legal power to stop gay marriages.” (AP, 3-31-04) [Meanwhile, his attorneys were busy preparing the new “marriage” licenses and training sessions.]

4-15-04 Statement by Romney on Filing Emergency Bill to Seek Goodridge Stay: Romney said the legislation “will allow me to protect the integrity of the constitutional process” and “preserve the right of the citizens to make this decision rather than having it made for them by the Court.” Meanwhile, the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics will today release a letter to city and town clerks notifying them of regional information sessions that will provide a forum for instructions on how to proceed with gay marriage should the Governor be unsuccessful in obtaining a stay of the Goodridge decision. [Governor’s office]

5-17-04 On the day homosexual “marriages” began, Romney said, “I intend to follow the law and expect others to do the same.” [What law? The marriage statute had not changed.]