Monday, November 27, 2006

Alaska Legislature Exposes Romney's Dishonesty in Implementing "Gay Marriage"

The Alaska legislature just voted to ignore a court order to implement "domestic partnership" benefits for state employees. Their action exposes Mitt Romney's dishonesty claiming he had to implement the SJC's "gay marriage" ruling here! So why are the Massachusetts Family Institute and their "pro-family, conservative" legal experts still covering up for Romney?

(See "Senate passes same sex legislation and adjourns." And note the misleading headline! You'd think they were reporting on a victory for "same-sex rights".)

This Alaska story has received little play in the mainstream media. After all, who wants to hear about constitutions upheld, and judicial tyranny restrained? Our legislators should follow the example of their compatriots in Alaska, and read anad follow their own state constitution! Our associate John Haskins writes:

This story totally debunks the mythical "authority" of the Goodridge ruling that Romney has brilliantly used to implement the anti-family agenda he has had his entire career -- since long before he tried to banish the Boy Scouts from the Olympics for not accepting homosexual scoutmasters.

It is not possible that Alaska's constitution is any more clear than Massachusetts' in denying judges any power to tell the legislature or the governor what to do. Every supposedly "pro-family conservative" lawyer and law professor or pundit who has swallowed Mitt Romney's absurd story now has to explain this case. Are the Alaska legislators lawbreakers -- or is Mitt Romney? Our Governor violated his oath of office and ordered public officials to ignore the marriage statute, and instead to act on the wishes of the judges without even waiting for the Legislature to legalize homosexual "marriage" (as the judges themselves said would be necessary).

Reality checks like this story are reaching more and more people around the country. The cover-up of Mitt Romney -- and of the illegality of his homosexual marriage licenses - by lawyers, law professors and groups billing themselves as "pro-family conservatives" is failing.

From the Anchorage Daily News (AP), 11-20-06:

The state Senate Monday joined the state House in defying a court order to provide health insurance for gay partners of state employees. Senators voted 11-6 to pass a bill that prohibits the state's commissioner of administration from implementing regulations that would set up a benefits plan for gay couples.

They also voted 12-5 in favor of an advisory vote on the ballot next spring that would ask voters if a constitutional amendment to overturn the order-ordered [sic] benefits should be placed on the 2008 ballot.

Majority Republicans said lawmakers should decide questions regarding benefits for state employees. Minority Democrats said the bills do nothing but set up an unnecessary fight between the Legislature and the courts.

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