Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mass. Family Institute Called for Executive Order to Block "Gay Marriages"

Ron Crews, former president of the Mass. Family Institute, called on Gov. Romney back in early 2004 to issue an Executive Order to block illegal homosexual "marriages". Few seem to recall this now, but Crews was advocating for a forceful reminder from the Governor that since there was no new law passed to establish homosexual "marriage", nothing would be changing on May 17, 2004. (And no such law has been passed since!) So Romney could have -- and should have -- made it clear, through Executive Order, that we must all follow the law on the books, and not allow phony "homosexual marriages" to commence.

Has Mass. Family Institute changed its mind? Do they now think these phony "marriages" are legal? Or -- because Romney failed to enforce the law in 2004 -- that they magically became "legal" marriages?

Ron Crews said:

3-9-04: One alternative, he said, is to convince Gov. Mitt Romney to issue an executive order to city and town clerks halting the issuance of marriage license to same-sex couples... [Patriot Ledger]

4-11-04: "We're still hopeful Romney is going to act in what we believe to be his full constitutional authority, to delay and/or prevent the implementation of the Supreme Judicial Court decision" granting marriage licenses, said Ronald A. Crews… For Romney, the options for holding off the May 17 change might include issuing an executive order ... [Boston Globe]

4-12-04: "It is our hope that the governor will use his full authority as the chief executive to delay the implementation of the SJC decision. We believe he has constitutional authority to act," Crews said, saying one of the options was to issue an executive order. [Boston Globe]