Saturday, March 03, 2007

Extremist Homosexual Newspaper Calls for End to Religious Freedom

The radical homosexual movement does not like clear definitions of their terms, such as "sexual orientation" or "gender identity and expression." And it takes words with clear, commonly accepted definitions such as "marriage" and "bigotry" and turns them inside out. Anything expressing disapproval of homosexuality -- on whatever basis, whether religion, morality, natural law, societal stability, public health -- they call "bigotry". Look at this week's editorial in Bay Windows, equating "bigotry" and Judeo-Christian beliefs. The editor whines,

How much longer are we going to have to listen to people claim a religious freedom to bigotry? Even as he dismissed their absurd lawsuit against Lexington town officials for trying to “indoctrinate” their children “with the belief that homosexuality and same-sex marriages are moral,” U.S. District Court Judge Mark L. Wolf was quite respectful of David and Tonia Parker’s and Rob and Robin Wirthlin’s religious beliefs — beliefs which sparked the suit. The couples have “sincerely held religious beliefs,” Wolf wrote. “They do not wish to have their young children exposed to views that contradict these beliefs and their teaching of them.” Later, he notes, “Profound differences in religious beliefs are also a hallmark of our diverse nation. It is often in a community’s interest to try to find a reasonable way to accommodate those differences.” That’s what liberals have been trying to do — “accommodate those differences” — since George W. Bush was “elected” president in 2000 with a record turnout of evangelical voters....

The comparison to the civil rights struggle of African Americans is apt. Of course, it is the struggle for the rights of LGBT people that should be compared to the fight for equality by African Americans. A person’s skin color, their gender identity and their sexual orientation are fixed from birth. Believing that God formed human beings from clay, that Allah rewards martyrs with virgins in paradise, that an angel visited a teenaged Joseph Smith in 1823 and revealed the Mormon religion to him, or that a perfectly sane sign of your devotion to God is to lop off the foreskin of your or your infant son’s penis — well, that’s a choice. The glorious thing about making such a choice for yourself is that this is America and you can believe whatever you want to believe — no matter how outrageous or irrational. Trying to impose your beliefs upon others, regardless of how “sincerely held” they may be, now that’s when the trouble starts.

Besides its utter contempt for others' religious beliefs, Bay Windows is simply lying about the demands of the Lexington parents -- only asking that their own beliefs be respected, but not "trying to impose [their] beliefs on others." The parents are simply demanding their right under the U.S. Constitution that their religion be respected, and their right under Massachusetts statute to protect their children from unwanted instruction on human sexuality issues. But such dishonesty from the homosexual press is par for the course.

Further, the homosexual radicals would have us believe their "civil rights" are being infringed upon, on a level with blacks being denied the vote, or people held in slavery. How much longer are we going to have to listen to this bogus equating of homosexual behaviors with innate characteristics, or true violations of a person's freedom and dignity? Homosexual citizens can vote, make out wills, and live with a companion of their choosing. They can even marry a person of the opposite sex, just like everyone else. What rights are being denied?

Their community is not defined by innate characteristics, but by their behaviors. It's their behaviors Christians object to, without questioning their freedom, dignity and value as individual human beings. Notice that no one labels Christians "bigots" because their religious beliefs inform them that other behaviors are wrong -- e.g., adultery or thievery -- yet the homosexual community labels Christians "bigots" for their understanding that homosexuality is a behavior similarly (or even more strongly) condemned in the Bible.

But Bay Windows has had enough of "accommodation" of any understanding that contradicts theirs. They wish to obliterate any religious (or other) objection to their behaviors.