Saturday, March 10, 2007

Romney's Alternate Truths

Anyone who dares to criticize Mitt Romney had better watch out. The "establishment Republicans" he runs with don't want anyone reminding Republican voters what the party USED TO BE and SHOULD BE about.

So we're not surprised to see Holly Robichaud's little foray into truth telling slapped down by Romney's campaign, or to hear of party operative Ron Kauffman's political threat to her partner Ron Vining. See "Mitt camp fires back at critics: Romney foes claim threat by GOP brass":

Mitt Romney’s campaign blasted a pair of Massachusetts Republicans bent on “exposing” the ex-governor’s record in his race for the White House, while the duo said they were threatened by a top Bay State GOP official.
Romney campaign spokesman Kevin Madden lashed out at the founders of MassRepublicans for Truth - GOP strategists Holly Robichaud and Ron Vining - calling them “disgruntled political operatives.”
“I expect they’re going to peddle a bunch of distortions and anger in their efforts,” Madden said. “They may be entitled to their own opinion, but they are not entitled to their own set of facts. And the facts about Gov. Romney’s stellar record of fiscal conservatism and his pro-family advocacy are very clear.” ...

Note: Romney has never challenged the FACTS in our report, "The Mitt Romney Deception." That's because he can't. And guess what: there's only one set of facts.

Back to the Herald:

When the pair was toying with the idea, Robichaud sent an e-mail to Vining and copied it to several people, Vining said. The e-mail was passed along to Ron Kauffman, a key player in Romney’s presidential bid and a GOP national committeeman from Massachusetts.
At the Republican State Committee meeting in January, Vining said, Kaufman pulled him into the hall. Vining said he told him he wasn’t leading an effort against Romney.
“He said, ‘You are dead to me and as far as I’m concerned, you have no future in the Massachusetts Republican Party,’ ” Vining recalled. “He said something to the effect of, ‘If you’re looking to hurt Mitt, then we’ll see to it that you’re history.’ ”