Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Youths Promote Polygamy at Mass. State House

YMCA's from around Massachusetts sponsor a "Youth & Government" program, which includes a day at the Massachusetts State House. On Thursday, March 1, hundreds of high schoolers came to the State House and held mock hearings on fanciful bills. We got ahold of the program handed out at that event.

Two mock bills advocated legalizing polygamy, and we heard about a mock hearing on the subject that afternoon in the State House. The polygamy bills were mixed in with some silly bills (annex Maine; change the state muffin from corn to cranberry, etc.), and others on arguably legitimate topics (legalize gambling; require state-owned vehicles to use alternative energy; ban cell phones in public schools, etc.).

One of the mock student bills, TX2411H, reads: "Legalize Polygamy in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts." Another, WMB3011S, reads: "Expand marriage rights in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from a union of two people to a union of two or more people." There is also a proposal that Gardasil vaccination (for HPV) be covered by insurance for all schoolgirls.

Now who is putting these ideas into young teens' heads? Or are they just in the air in a state permitting sodomy "marriage"? We were told that a person at the Springfield YMCA, when asked about this hearing topic, opined that it's good that kids are thinking outside of the box.

The very fact polygamy is being discussed by teens under adult supervision at our State House lends it legitimacy. This is shocking ... then again, nothing shocks in Massachusetts.