Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mitt's Latest Hits

Mitt's taking some more BIG hits.

Like Sunday's New York Times article on how he's buying conservative groups: "In Romney’s Bid, His Wallet Opens to the Right" (3-11-07).

And Janet Folger's commentary today in WorldNetDaily on the same: "Straw poll and the straw man" (3-14-07).

And Virginia Buckingham in the Boston Herald on Mitt's flip-flops on illegal aliens: "Immigration stance improv: From Mitt, another dubious act" (3-14-07).

We take some credit for getting this ball rolling. Of course, the problem for Mitt Romney is that there is SO MUCH of this, just waiting to be revealed. The real question for conservatives now is how long some of their supposed leaders will play along. We're thinking of National Review, Human Events, Hugh Hewitt, Ann Coulter, Jay Sekulow. The obvious question: Since Mass. Citizens for Life and Mass. Family Institute are documented to have received gifts from Mitt, and even National Review apparently had help with a party, what does this imply about all his other endorsers?

And hey, how come Mitt didn't give us a Christmas gift? Oh yeah, he calls us "extremists." It's extreme to want to protect parental rights in the schools. It's extreme to say "no homosexual marriage & no civil unions." And it's extreme to say abortion is not something that can be put up to a vote in the states. He only gives gifts to compromisers.