Thursday, March 22, 2007

Senate Pres. Murray Will Have Vote on Marriage Amendment?

Update: Senate President Murray said today she will hold a vote on the marriage amendment. She must have had enough time in the past 24 hours to have that "discussion with herself." But we can be sure, with her MassEquality ties, that she means it when she says, "I will try to help the advocates get the votes that they need."

See Bay Windows, "MassEquality beefs up lobby strategy," on the extraordinary efforts being made on this score. MassEquality has just hired 13 new field staffers and Deval Patrick's grassroots strategist! (Could the Gill Action Fund be paying for this?)

State House News, 3/22/07
Senate President Therese Murray, a gay marriage supporter, will call for a vote on the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, but work to secure votes to defeat the measure, she said today. "My vote is going to be just what it was the last time, but I am not going to move to adjourn. I will call for a vote and I will try to help the advocates get the votes that they need." Speaking with reporters on her way into a Senate session, and asked why she planned to allow a vote despite her opposition, she said, "Well, because I think it’s important that we vote."

Fear of a lawsuit had nothing to do with it?