Sunday, March 11, 2007

Romney Unpresidential in Dealing with Critics

Romney can't take criticism. Or truth-telling about his record. In January, he unleashed an amateurish press release personally attacking Brian Camenker, following our "Mitt Romney Deception" report. The attack did not answer any of the embarassing factual revelations in our report.

Now, he's having problems dealing with Holly Robichaud's new PAC. In eyeon08 we saw this bit:
MA GOPers for Truth forms
March 9, 2007
... I met Robichaud at the RNC Winter Meeting and again at CPAC. At the RNC Winter Meeting, she was verbally assaulted by Romney staffers. And Romney himself became extremely uncomfortable when she was in the room. The Romney team is quite nervous about MA Republicans standing up and criticizing him.
This will be a fascinating dynamic. Can a guy run for President whose position really is:
"Romney aides have dismissed criticism from the hometown crowd, saying his message is resonating with voters nationwide."
We don’t need the people back home?