Saturday, April 28, 2007

Boston Globe: Civil Unions = Homophobia

Today's Boston Globe editorial on New Hampshire's recent legislative approval of civil unions admits what everyone should realize by now: "Civil unions" are just a way station on the road to full-fledged sodomy "marriage". To paraphrase the Globe: Civil unions are insulting to "gays", and nothing short of sodomy "marriage" will do. State bans on sodomy "marriage" are shameful. Civil unions are demeaning and insulting to "gays". Therefore, civil unions are a form of homophobia.

(We've noted that GLAD, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, is arguing in Connecticut that civil unions are bad because they render homosexual couples second-class citizens -- but at the same time, Connecticut's legalization of civil unions is an argument for homosexual "marriage". So how can anyone still fall for the line the legalization of civil unions protects real marriage?)

From the Globe:

"Live free and civilly united" (4-28-07)
The circle of tolerance widened Thursday, as the New Hampshire Legislature gave final passage to a bill authorizing civil unions in that state. The state's Democratic governor, John Lynch, has vowed to sign the measure, which will take effect in January....

Civil unions are an awkward creation. It is demeaning to gay couples to recognize by law that they are fit for most or all of the rights of marriage -- and then deny them the single word that best describes their partnership....

In time, we believe, people in states with laws or constitutional amendments banning gay marriage will come to see those provisions as a mark of shame. States that offer marriage to straight couples and marriage-lite to gays will recognize the absurdity of the situation -- and the insult to gay couples inherent in it.