Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Truth about "Gay" Parenting

The New York Post will report this -- but the Boston Globe wouldn't even consider it. And we're only hearing about it because it's a divorce and child custody dispute of a high-profile couple, former N.J. Governor Jim McGreevey and his abandoned wife, Dina . . .

The scenario: a little girl in a "home" with Daddy and his "lover". What happens when she needs comforting at night? Naturally, she goes to Daddy's bedroom. And what does she see there? A life-size photo of a naked man on the wall. (It's art, of course.) And who knows what she experiences if she wants to cuddle with Daddy (& his male "lover") in bed?

This story is about possible shared custody by a mom and her recently "out" husband. Should we call him "bisexual"? (Was he born that way? Or was he born homosexual? It's all so confusing!)

But Dina McGreevey is "homophobic" according to soon-to-be ex-husband, Jim McGreevey, because she objects to their 5-yr-old sharing a bed with him and his male "lover" and seeing a huge photo of a nude man on the wall.

And this is about the reality of homosexuals adopting. (We think of the fellow who writes for the Boston Globe Magazine "Coupling" series about the little daughter he and his "husband" adopted.)

From the New York Post:

McGreevey's "gay poster boy" (4-22-07)
This is the full-frontal nude photograph that hung in the bedroom of New Jersey's disgraced love gov, Jim McGreevey, when his 5-year-old daughter came for sleepovers - and the source of his estranged wife's claims that he's an unfit parent. The 50-by-60-inch print in the master bedroom of the Plainfield, N.J., home of McGreevey and partner Mark O'Donnell is part of a series called "Naked Gay Friends" by Manhattan photographer Richard Renaldi, and was featured in Blue, a gay men's magazine....

Last week, McGreevey's estranged wife, Dina Matos McGreevey, filed a motion seeking full custody of their daughter, Jacqueline. Her argument took specific issue with the "life-size photograph of a nude model" hanging in the bedroom. The suit questioned whether it "was appropriate for his 'little girl' - to use his description of our child - to be viewing the photograph in question." She also asked that Jacqueline be forbidden to share a bed with her dad and his boyfriend during sleepovers.

"It is one thing for children to sleep with a parent or parents," she said in a written response to McGreevey's divorce filing. "It is quite another for children to sleep with a parent and a third party." The former governor, who has filed for joint custody of Jacqueline, claims in court papers that his wife has "seemingly irrational fears" about his sexuality.

Matos McGreevey - whose tell-all book about being a gay man's wife, "Silent Partner," comes out on May 1 - has blasted back at McGreevey's "insinuations" that she's homophobic.